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Margit Deerman and Panadero, Game of Contact

Margit Deerman and Panadero XLVI
Game of Contact: Stage 2, November 2011

Margit Video with Panadero at Liberty

Playing at Liberty: October 2011 Interview with Lisa Alley-Zarkades

Lisa and Equine VIP Ramon Becerra entertain a crowd

It’s not every day that a horse owner travels to Spain, researches the bloodlines of the Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E) and leaves with a beautiful stallion. But, that’s just what happened to Lisa Alley-Zarkades when she bought Panadero. Panadero is trained at “liberty” and travels to many exhibitions, truly making him a great ambassador for the breed.

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Celebration 2011 Videos

Watch these latest videos from Celebration 2011 in Las Vegas NV.

Lisa Alley-Zarkades performing the Flamenco with Spanish horses during the Horse of Kings Theatre performance.

Margit Deerman and Panadero at Liberty

Dressage Olympian Luis Lucio Endorses Linda Parelli

Throughout 2012 Linda will be certifying Margit Deerman (Panadero’s Licensed 3* Parelli trainer) to become a specialist in the “Game of Contact”. The intelligence and responsiveness required for these “games” are a natural extension of Panadero’s capabilities. During the recent endorsement by two-time Olympic dressage rider Luis Lucio of Linda Parelli, Linda stated she believes the Game of Contact is the new foundation for success with dressage and finesse. “It was wonderful to watch the riders at the first Game of Contact course transform, and how they in turn transformed the horses.” Linda commented in the interview.

Now members of the United States Equestrian Federation

Lisa Alley-Zarkades and Panadero XLVI are now honored members of the USEF and as such are qualified to compete in USEF competitions. Congratulations Lisa and Panadero!


Sunday Ranch Roping Practice with Margit Deerman

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Panadero and Juan Manuel Muñoz Diaz

Panadero XLVI, and his Licensed 3* Parelli trainer, Margit Deerman were honored with a private lesson on January 17, 2011 with Juan Manuel Muñoz Diaz. Juan is known for his extraordinary dressage riding at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky on Fuego XII, owned by Miguel A. de Cárdenas of Estirpe Cárdenas.

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An Interview with Juan Manuel Muñoz Diaz

See the most recent video of Fuego XII, owned by Miguel A. de Cárdenas of Estirpe Cárdenas, and Juan Manuel Muñoz Diaz announcing their success back in Spain.

This interesting interview with Juan using Cárdenas Stud footage is available in Spanish and English.

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Carolyn Resnick Talks About Training Panadero

Learn about Carolyn Resnick and her advanced liberty skills. Carolyn taught Panadero his liberty basics and built a great foundation for his future goals. Carolyn highlights some of her work with Panadero on her past blog newsletters.

Excellent Horsewoman, Excellent Connection

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