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Celebration 2011

panadero-dressage-equestrian-moments-1Photos by Equestrian Moments
horse-of-kings-elise-genest-1Photos by Elise Genest
cena-espectaculo-paco-rey-5Photos by Paco Rey

Parelli Center

Margit Deerman with Panadero SLVI wiating their turn at Parellis Game of ContactParelli Center 2011

America’s Family Pet Expo

1 DSC_0046_2Panadero 2011
1 DSC_0073Mini Cooper 2011

Fiesta of the Spanish Horse

FiestaDressage 8Dressage 2011
FiestaFlamenco 9Flamenco 2011

White Stallion Ranch

1Cactus Cowgirls 2010
9 IMG_2535Cactus Cowgirls 2011


3Margit Deerman, November 2010
4Ramona, January 2011

Natural Horsemanship

1Margit Deerman, November 2010

Working Cowhorse

3Margit Deerman, November 2010
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