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Dressage Olympian Luis Lucio Endorses Linda Parelli

Throughout 2012 Linda will be certifying Margit Deerman (Panadero’s Licensed 3* Parelli trainer) to become a specialist in the “Game of Contact”. The intelligence and responsiveness required for these “games” are a natural extension of Panadero’s capabilities. During the recent endorsement by two-time Olympic dressage rider Luis Lucio of Linda Parelli, Linda stated she believes the Game of Contact is the new foundation for success with dressage and finesse. “It was wonderful to watch the riders at the first Game of Contact course transform, and how they in turn transformed the horses.” Linda commented in the interview.

Now members of the United States Equestrian Federation

Lisa Alley-Zarkades and Panadero XLVI are now honored members of the USEF and as such are qualified to compete in USEF competitions. Congratulations Lisa and Panadero!


The Osuna Open House

Watch Panadero entertaining the crowds at the Rancho Santa Fe Open House.

The Osuna Open House, written and published by the Rancho Santa Fe News:

The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse

A great article featuring the Spanish Horse, Panadero, and the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse offered by the Equine Journal.

Carolyn Resnick in the Italian News

Four superb articles  about Carolyn Resnick and her training methods featuring Panadero were written for Italian publication by Alessandra Deerinck of

Available here in .pdf format.

Resnick A spasso con una sola corda.pdf

Resnick l’addestramento in libertà.pdf

Resnick Quarto Rituale.pdf

Resnick_2010 giugno.pdf

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