Introducing Panadero XLVI, the legendary Pura Raza Española stallion of Liberty Exhibition fame, comes from the world-reknowned bloodlines of the Cárdenas Stud of Spain and the Yeguada Militar.

Panadero XLVI, is a Pure Spanish Horse, or P.R.E. – a rare breed, one of the oldest breeds in the world today. Born in 2002, Panadero’s journey from Spain to the U.S. was the accomplishment of his owner, Lisa Alley Zarkades, and her passion for this special breed, it’s temperament, versatility, athletic ability and intellect.

Panadero’s Movie by Sven Films


  • 2015 USDF Bronze Medal Rider
  • 2014 Ranked Top 10 Second Level Open Division at USDF Region 7 Regional Championships
  • 2014 CDS San Diego Circuit Grand Champion at Second Level Open
  • 2014 USDF Certificate of Performance Award at Second Level Open
  • 2014 USDF All Breed Award at Second Level Open for FRSH
  • 2013 CDS San Diego Circuit Grand Champion at First Level Open

Currently residing in Valley Center, California, Panadero started his training and was shown with Carolyn Resnick at Liberty. Now under Margit Deerman’s tutelage, his training and talents are expanding into dressage, roping, and working cattle. Margit is a Licensed 3* Parelli Instructor so it is exciting to have her continuing his training.


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Art Gallery

These pieces of art feature Panadero’s beauty through masterful painting and printmaking techniques from California artist, Kathy Harder.

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